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The Future of Food Conference 2020

Bringing together EU policymakers, EIT Food partners and other key stakeholders active in agri-food research, innovation and education, along the whole food value chain, the conference will provide a high-level platform to discuss future trends and priorities in food innovation in Europe, looking at these in the broader context of both the UN Sustainable Development Goals and key objectives of the EU Food 2030 policy.

On day 1, our aim is to identify the most promising and innovative solutions that will support the EU Farm to Fork Strategy and discuss which role consumers can play in its implementation, focusing discussions around big societal challenges such as sustainable agriculture, obesity, food waste.

On day 2, the event will look at the opportunities and challenges of investing in the future of food, in innovation, entrepreneurship and education, to help the agrifood sector contribute to the recovery of the European economy, while setting it on a more sustainable and resilient track.