SoilMania new GIQS member

SoilMania new GIQS member
One of SoilMania's soil sensors in use on a farm | Source: SoilMania

With the beginning of 2021, GIQS e.V. welcomes a new member. Since the beginning of January, the Dutch start-up SoilMania B.V. based in Beers (province of North Brabant) has been part of the GIQS network. SoilMania is an association of four entrepreneurs who are also part of the INTERREG project TreeMania supervised by GIQS as lead partner.

SoilMania focuses on new – also digital – approaches primarily for healthy and active soil life, but also for the care of trees or other green spaces. The staff believe in a circular approach, taking the best possible measures based on knowledge gained – via sensor data and/or laboratory analysis – about local soil and environmental conditions. At SoilMania, they transform this information into new knowledge so that they can use lessons learned to take the best possible action. This special circular approach ensures that as many plants and trees as possible take root well when planted, and that management becomes more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective. The symbiosis with soil life ensures that trees grow up to five times faster and are less susceptible to diseases and pests.

Four Maniacs, one Mission

The SoilMania team is made up of the following people: Didy Arnold, Willy Detiger, Gino Smeulders and Marcel Steegh. The common interest of the founders of SoilMania lies in everything that grows and blooms. They believe in the power of the soil and want to reduce the distance between humans and the earth: circularity is central to this. The four characterise themselves as follows: “We combine the experience, knowledge and skills of four likeable madmen who have earned their spurs in different segments. Among other things, we combine the fields of biology, trees, soil, technology, artificial intelligence and innovations to make green space management more sustainable and efficient. Resulting in a more ecological, economical and social added value.”

Gino Smeulders, Willy Detiger, Marcel Steegh and Didy Arnold | Source: SoilMania

In the TreeMania project led by GIQS, the SoilMania protagonists are – as concept developers – responsible for the elaboration of the sustainable circulation systems as well as the preparation and implementation of pilots in five German and Dutch municipalities in the border area, at the end of which the development of new standard protocols for a better and more sustainable management of urban green spaces will be achieved.