Joining the GIQS e.V. Network

The following legal and natural persons can apply for membership in the association:

  • enterprises of the target group (agriculture and food industry)
  • universities and research institutions with reference to the target group
  • non-profit organizations (e.g. chambers, associations, business development institutions)
  • individuals

Membership fee

The following fee structure applies to the member groups of the association:

Price level 1
95 /year

  • individuals
  • personal members

Price level 2
475 /year

  • knowledge institutions
  • NPOs
  • Small company up to 10 employees

Price level 3
950 /year

  • medium-sized companies with a maximum of 49 employees

Price level 4
1425 /year

  • large companies with at least 50 employees

Classifications and detailed regulations are made at the admission of the new member or at the time of changes. A voluntary classification into higher dues is possible at any time.

Further regulations

  • The membership fees due are paid annually in one sum by remittance slip from the member.
  • Admission fees are not charged.
  • If an application is submitted in the third quarter of the calendar year, half of the membership fee is due; from the fourth quarter onwards, no fee is charged for the current year.
  • If a member does not fulfil his duty to inform the association in time, e.g. in case of changes of bank details, address, etc., he will be charged for the additional costs incurred.