Development of the association GIQS e.V.


October 2022
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Hamer takes over the chairmanship of the Supervisory Board from Prof. Dr. Brigitte Petersen at the General Assembly.


December 2021
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Hamer is elected as the fourth member of the GIQS Supervisory Board at the General Assembly.


December 2019
  • Approval of the INTERREG V A project TreeMania by the steering committee INTERREG/euregio rhein-maas-nord. The project aims to develop sustainable methods for rearing, planting and maintaining trees and shrubs in urban areas.


September 2018
  • Kick-off event of the new INTERREG V A project BEL AIR, in which GIQS is lead partner.
September 2018
  • Kick-off event of the second phase of the INTERREG V A project FOOD2020, in which GIQS is one of several regional partners. Lead partner is the German Institute of Food Technology (DIL) in Quakenbrück.


May 2017
  • At the general assembly an amended statute of the association was decided. In addition, a new two-member board was elected. Its members are Dr. Oliver Breuer (Chairman) and Tim Mäkelburg (Deputy Chairman).
February 2017
  • Kick-off event of the new INTERREG V A project Food Pro·tec·ts, in which GIQS is lead partner.


October 2016
  • At the general assembly, Dr. Judith Kreyenschmidt was elected as a new member of the GIQS Executive Board, replacing Dr. Maren Bruns as deputy chairman.
February 2016
  • Kick-off event of the new INTERREG V A project FOOD2020, in which GIQS is one of several regional partners.


January 2015
  • Kick-off event of the new MarkiT project (Markenfleischprogramm zur Integration von Tierwohl) sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rentenbank.


November 2014
  • he general assembly approves an amendment to the articles of association. In future, there will be a three-member honorary executive committee and a honorary supervisory board whose main task will be to monitor and advise the executive committee. Members of the executive committee: Dr. Martin Hamer (chairman), Dr. Oliver Breuer (1st deputy) and Dr. Maren Bruns (2nd deputy).
April 2014
  • Approval of the study "Economic vaccination" from INTERREG IV funds.
March 2014
  • Dr. Martin Hamer will move to the "International Centre for Sustainable Development" at the Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University of Applied Sciences as an employee, but will continue to serve the association on a voluntary basis as managing board member.


November 2013
  • The general assembly elects the managing director Dr. Martin Hamer as its chairman. Prof. Dr. Brigitte Petersen, who has headed the association since its foundation, is re-elected as deputy chairman. Johan Zandbergen and Dr. Helmut Saatkamp are also confirmed as board members.
January 2013
  • Kick-off event for the e-H@C HUPAction project. GIQS is a project partner and commissioned to carry out a crisis exercise.


September 2012
  • Changes in the Executive Board: Both Dr. Peter Van der Wolf and Ruud Huirne are no longer candidates for the Executive Board of GIQS. Johan Zandbergen will assume this function for the Finance division, Helmut W. Saatkamp will be the new Secretary.
August 2012
  • GIQS is now a member of "go-cluster - excellent networking", an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).


October 2011
  • Approval of the "Frucht macht Schule" project. The project should contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs in fruit and vegetable growing.
October 2011
  • GIQS receives the bronze label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative.


October 2010
  • Approval of the SiLeBAT project (securing the feed and food chain in bio- and agro-terrorist (BAT) damage situations), GIQS is a subcontractor.
April 2010 - March 2011
  • Duration of the first phase of MeKoTech (network for sector-specific technology development of inter-company measurement and communication systems in quality management of value chains in the agricultural and food industries).


July 2009
  • Approval of the Safeguard project. The GIQS project initiative "SafeGuard" receives 9.35 million euros. The project deals with animal health, zoonoses and food safety issues in the Dutch-German border area.
September 2009
  • Approval of the QUARISMA project, a project of European partners from industry and science funded by the IAPP element (Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways) of the Marie Curie Actions of the EU's 7th Research Framework Programme.
September 2009
  • Approval of the project FIN-Q.NRW. The Research Network Innovation through Quality Communication (FIN-Q.NRW) is part of the NRW Nutrition Cluster Initiative.


October 2008
  • Second annual Q-PorkChains congress in Rennes, France.
January 2008
  • After an in-depth assessment, GIQS successfully participated in the benchmarking of the Initiative Kompetenznetze Deutschland and became a member of it.


19th - 22th November 2007
  • First annual Q-PorkChains congress in Monells, Spain.
November 2007
  • Start of the project "AIDA - Alliances for Information and Service Agencies" for the horizontal bundling of coordination tasks in quality, health and risk management in the meat industry (innovation programme of the BMELV).
3rd - 6th October 2007
  • Second annual congress PromSTAP in Vidin, Bulgaria.
August 2007
  • The Q-PorkChains industry platform for the European pork industry, managed by GIQS, goes online.
June 2007
  • Change of Managing Director: Dr. Gereon Schulze Althoff takes on a new professional challenge after more than five years with GIQS. Dr. Martin Hamer will be his successor.
January 2007
  • Start of the Q-PorkChains project within the framework of the 6th Research Framework Programme of the European Union.


18th - 21st October 2006
  • PromSTAP Congress in Genoa, Italy.


June 2005
  • Approval of the fourth project "Risiken beherrschen".
January 2005
  • Approval of the INTERREG III C initiative "PromSTAP - Promoting the Stable to Table Approach".


September 2003
  • Approval of the third project "Cross-border quality assurance systems in the fruit and vegetable sector" under INTERREG III A in the Euregio Rhein-Maas-Nord.


4th December 2002
  • Presentation of the NRW Cooperation Award of the Food-Processing Initiative in Dortmund.
Oktober 2002
  • Approval of the second project "Cross-border quality assurance systems in the food industry" within the framework of INTERREG III A at the Euregio Rhein-Maas-Nord.
May 2002
  • General assembly 2002 and election of a new board: Prof. Dr. B. Petersen (chairman), Dr. Peter van der Wolf (treasurer), Dr. Helmut Saatkamp (secretary).


December 2001
  • Approval of the first project "Cross-border quality assurance systems in meat production" under the INTERREG III A initiative of the Euregio Rhein-Waal.


  • First idea for the start of a German-Dutch cooperation for collaborative research in the agricultural and food industry in Brussels.