The networking of GIQS e.V.

GIQS e.V. is linked to other clusters in the agarifood sector.

In the next 20 years, a dramatic increase in global trade in feed and food is expected. This challenges the agricultural and food industry, the food trade and the public sector to make accompanying, cross-company and cross-border security systems more economical, reliable and internationally compatible. In order to achieve this goal, the Cluster Bonn.realis was launched in 2010 as a competence center for quality and crisis communication as well as modular safety technology for preventive consumer and population protection.
Under the umbrella of the "German Food Clusters", the four food and processing networks Food-Processing Initiative e.V., foodRegio, GIQS e.V. and Niedersächsisches Kompetenzzentrum Ernährungswirtschaft (NieKE) are bundling their expertise. They want to increase their visibility both nationally and above all internationally. With the establishment of the German Food Clusters, international cooperation, innovation projects and best-practice exchange with clusters from other countries are to be promoted.
With its international orientation, EQAsce is the contact for all questions regarding integrated management systems in global value chains of the agricultural and food industry. It sees itself as a central sector-specific European network node for customers, knowledge developers, knowledge carriers, consultants and experts.