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Forum Tiergesundheit

Dialogue between agriculture, research and business

The aim of this project is to create a forum for dialogue between representatives of agricultural practice, research and all other companies involved in animal health issues. The focus is on the information needs of farmers working in the German-Dutch border area.

Source: Iva/Unsplash

Animal health is particularly important in the border region as the region is one of the economically strongest areas of animal production in Europe. As a result, there are not only many livestock farmers or producer groups with a need for information, but also numerous research and development institutions and consultants who can contribute their knowledge to ensure a differentiated, high-quality dialogue. Targeted advice for farmers is intended to facilitate additional growth and competitiveness. Within the project, the event concept will be tested and finally evaluated at four different pilot events.

Farmers are trained by experts from the border region and with the newly acquired knowledge they can improve the practical work on their farms and thus the quality of animal health.

Project partners

  • Funding programme: INTERREG IV A
  • Term: 2014 - 2015
  • Budget: 50,000 Euro
  • Partners: GIQS + 1