Milestone – International recruitment

QUARISMA was one of the largest projects funded by the European Union in this segment. The IAPP element (Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways) of the Marie Curie Actions of the 7th EU Research Framework Programme thus supported the interdisciplinary, intersectoral and at the same time international approach of the project.

Source: contrastwerkstatt/fotolia.de

So far, the exchange of researchers has also been unique. During the four-year project period (2009-2013), doctoral students, experienced practitioners and experts had the opportunity to get to know each other. This gave young scientists the opportunity to receive practical training.

Some time ago, the University of Bonn took a first step in the direction of practical orientation with the introduction of the Junior Quality Manager training program. With QUARISMA, experienced researchers are given the opportunity to check and feed back on meat production.

In terms of content, QUARISMA deals with three related research areas.

  • “Chain management” focuses on economic issues. How, for example, can measures for animal quality and health be standardized and economically optimized? Within the framework of this research focus, a project guideline for innovations in the meat industry, including a cost/benefit analysis, is to be developed.
  • The priority area “Quality and Information Management” is concerned, for example, with the question of how the state of health of animals can be certified. The international exchange of this knowledge and the development of cross-border strategies in animal disease prevention also complement this area.
  • The third research priority “Food safety and risk management” is concerned with developing concepts for the avoidance of food-related hazards. The prevention of significant zoonoses is also being investigated here.

In QUARISMA, questions from several ongoing or completed projects coordinated by GIQS are continued in addition to new ones.


  • Funding programme: FP7
  • Budget: 2.4 MM Euro
  • Term: 2009 - 2011
  • Partners: GIQS + 7